The Academy

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Volume II - The Academy

The Empire had fallen, and the Imperial Navy was disbanded leaving James with nothing but his nightmares to remind him of the role he once played in The Great War. James must now face his new life in a new era where science and technology must share the stage with sorcery and wizardry, and a new ever-present shadow of evil lurks over the remnants of the once great Empire. A new generation of warriors will be needed to fight this battle. James is determined to be part of that new generation and maybe find freedom from the nightmares that control his life.

You can get this book from:

  1. As an ebook in all major ebook formats from Smashwords.
  2. You can get it for your Kindle on Amazon.
  3. All major ebook retailers including Barnes and Noble, Apple, and many others carry it now.
  4. The print version can be found on Amazon Createspace.