Resurgence of Ancient Darkness

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Volume IV - Resurgence of Ancient Darkness

When Shadow's team healed reality by closing the last tear they paved the way for a new evil, one that has been patiently waiting for its chance the rise again. Shadow must build a navy out of his fledgling Battle Wizards and carry the fight to the enemy before it comes for them. Meanwhile, the old man and his steel-eyed partner are making their own plans, and the peace that once reigned throughout the galaxy has come tumbling down.

You can get this book from:

  1. As an ebook in all major ebook formats from Smashwords.
  2. You can get it for your Kindle on Amazon.
  3. All major ebook retailers including Barnes and Noble, Apple, and many others carry it now.
  4. The print version can be found on Amazon Createspace.