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Welcome to the Lost Tales of Power Wiki!

About the Series

The Lost Tales of Power is a collection of novels that share a common universe. These novels are a mixture of Sci Fi and Fantasy with many books blending both in one story, and others clearly leaning one way or the other. Presently the books are being released in chronological order as major story arcs. World characteristics and other foundational material are being developed. As future books come out they may move forward or backwards over the timeline of the universe.

  1. Volumes
    1. Enemy of an Enemy
    2. The Academy
    3. Rise of Shadows
    4. Resurgence of Ancient Darkness
    5. The Sac'a'rith
    6. Spectra's Gambit
  2. Volume Bundles
    1. The First Quartet

About this Wiki

This site will soon be an encyclopedia to the Lost Tales of Power universe, as it has been currently revealed. This means the site WILL include spoilers, so it is recommended you read all current books before browsing here. The site will be very empty for a long while as I slowly add the basic content. Any readers who want to help build this, feel free to add content, and I will do my best to check it for accuracy over time.

Just to be clear, the information in this Wiki will be everything I think the average reader should know or think after reading all the currently released books. This may mean some of the information is misleading, or possibly not actually true and will change based on what will happen in future books.

Sections of this Wiki

  1. Characters
  2. Current History
  3. Magic System
  4. Missions
  5. Races
  6. Realms
  7. Technology
  8. Tomes & Books