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Timeline of Released Books

IE = Imperial Era (similar to BC, counts backwards)
EM = Era of Magic

12/01/01 IE – Enemy of an Enemy starts
01/20/02 EM – Enemy of an Enemy ends
02/01/02 EM – The Academy starts
08/30/42 EM – The Academy ends
05/15/55 EM – Rise of Shadows starts
12/30/58 EM – Rise of Shadows ends
01/31/59 EM – Resurgence of Ancient Darkness starts
03/15/59 EM – The Sac’a’rith starts
08/11/62 EM – Spectra’s Gambit starts
10/31/62 EM – The Sac’a’rith ends
01/25/63 EM – Resurgence of Ancient Darkness ends
01/01/65 EM – Spectra’s Gambit ends

Timeline of Major Events

This is the history of the Lost Tales of Power Multiverse as revealed so far: